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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


This is another post from Barbara Gill's book Changed By A Child ~ COMPANION NOTES FOR PARENTS OF A CHILD WITH A DISABILITY.


It is a curious circumstance that only pines in full sunlight are bitten by weevils; shaded pines are ignored. Such are the hidden uses of adversity. ~ Aldo Leopold

For a pine tree a shady location is undesirable, because pines grow best in full sunlight. But somehow shaded pines are immune from attack by weevils, which eat their candles and prevent them from growing properly. When it comes to weevils, shaded trees have an advantage.

In many ways our child's disability is an undesirable circumstance in her life and in the life of our family. But what are the "hidden uses" of this adversity? What opportunities does an adverse situation offer our family, if we can only open our eyes to the possibilities?

I have learned things about how a child grows and develops that have made me a better parent to all my children. I have been led to a new career. I have met many wonderful people and made new friends. I grew up. My children are tolerant and compassionate. I am closer to God.

As Aldo Leopold learned from his careful observation of nature, everything is connected, everything serves a purpose in the larger scheme of things.

Today, I will think about the hidden uses of life in the shade.

(Thank you to Barbara Gill, whom I don't know but has gotten me through so much with her deep wisdom and compassion)
The italics were the way this page was published in her book.

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