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My sweetie
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Sunday, 11 October 2015

She May Be Lying Down But She may Be Very Happy

This is what my husband Jacek (yat-sek) said to me when Lueza was a baby and we didn't know how severe her birth injury would be. Would she have a limp? When would she walk? Would she be like Daniel Day-Lewis in 'My Left Foot'? I was starting to get hysterical as I contemplated all possible scenarios and I whined to him: Will she always be lying down???????
To use the word 'whining' is not friendly to myself, I was terrified for our baby, but my hysteria was a problem at times…….
Jacek was calm.
He doesn't even remember this moment.
She may be lying down but she may be very happy.
Everything shifted.
I could breathe.
We would be okay.


  1. Brilliant. Dear yat-sek, dear you.

  2. Replies
    1. His wisdom is deep sometimes.
      That moment was extraordinary.
      Everything changed.

  3. You're extraordinary...
    yet, to be exceedingly extraordinary,
    you needDseed to grow-up.
    How so, dear?
    Lemme xx-plain our morality
    in these 22ish ??? blogs
    (you can so imagine by
    being deceased as I was)...
    yet, Jesus brot this sinfull mortal back
    to 'preach' in the time remaining.
    It all begins with a lil seed of faith.
    God bless your indelible soul.