My sweetie

My sweetie
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Another Gift

One of my closest friends sent me a poem that she wrote for Lueza when she got the news. I read it during the funeral service.

Dream Side

Lueza runs
because she's given me miles to walk.
She swims
in the space joy holds
when it's Christmas
and sings in the solitude
of a leaf among trees.
She dances in circles
around a place in the heart
where humor is born
and love is awakened.
It's a space she owns,
between knowing eyes,
a laughing heart,
and trusting arms.
Her eyes search out good company.
Her smile shares recognition
of what it takes
to hold the universe
in the cup of one's hand.
Her thoughts
discuss human paradigms
on the dream side.
Where true understanding lies.
Where seekers worn out feet
yearn to arrive,
experiencing the sacredness
of time,
struggling to leave uncertainties behind.
She wishes them well.

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