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My sweetie
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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Letter from my niece

On Monday my mom and I built a little altar made out of colored stones at the heart of Miraval's labyrinth. These pebbles joined dozens of other carefully piled stupas left by other pilgrims as a visible marker of their personal prayers. We dedicated the altar to Lueza. In a moment of silence, we visualized her spirit playing happily among the lapiz, rose quartz, jasper and pale green aventurine. As we walked the labyrinth, a monarch butterfly circled the center and danced among the pebbles.

There is no way to follow the path out of the labyrinth without encountering sharp turns when you least expect it. The truth is, we are still in shock and cannot begin to imagine the emotions that you as a family, mother, father, and sister are going through.

That night my mom had a dream. She saw a girl with brown hair, face covered with her hands, her back towards other children receding in the distance. "Ready!" she calls, running after the other kids. As she takes her hands away from her face, she is all smiles and laughter.

When my mom woke up, she realized that the girl was little Lueza, whole in body and heart.

Please know that we are with you in prayer and love in these challenging times.

(This letter became part of our funeral service for Lu)

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