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My sweetie
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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Burning Man

My daughter is going to Burning Man.
A friend emailed me that she would like to bring photographs of my daughter Lu to the Temple of Transition.
I have never been to Burning Man.
I have never heard of the Temple of Transition.
 I have always wanted to go ever since I first read about it after moving to California but being that it is in the heart of the Nevada desert and seems so far-out and druggy (I know nothing about the actual experience) I haven't quite figured out how to accomplish this trek.
My friend is the opposite of far-out and druggy. She's raising children and running a business. She wears high heels and lovely lady suits. When I had one of my first hot flashes at a school function she magically appeared with a popsicle.
She is a "burner".
One who goes to Burning Man.

The Temple of Transition consists of 6 towers.
This information is the result of my Googling.
Each tower is named to honor a stage of life.
Birth, Union, Growth, Death, Decay.
The center tower is Gratitude.

I am filled with enormous gratitude to my friend Jennifer.
I wish I could be there.
Next year.
Burning Man.

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