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My sweetie
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Monday, 15 August 2011


Every time we went to the hospital we would bring our little icon of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I had found her in one of the California mission towns that I had visited with Lueza. I can't explain it. I am not Catholic. I am half Jewish and half Episcopalian. But I love rosaries and prayer beads. I love icons. We would bring "Guadalupe" in the hospital bag. Mommy's computer and charger, Lu's DVD's, my pillow, pajamas, book, creams and lotions, diapers, phone and Guadalupe. We would hang her from the metal pole that gave IV fluids, antibiotics and liquid feedings. It was our way of controlling this anonymous hospital space. We needed ritual of some sort. She brought her beauty and gentleness into Lueza's room.

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  1. I am reading here, sent by Elizabeth. Your words are like pure water, rushing over the sharpest rocks.
    I wanted to tell you that the Virgin of Guadalupe hangs all over my house and from a chain on my neck most of the time, too. I am not anything religious. Nothing. Nothing at all. But she is a mother and I suppose a goddess. And as such, she brings comfort to me as well. I am so glad she was with you and Lueza, making the hospital rooms more of a place of peace.